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Clown Shoes Acordes

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Clown Shoes

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Intro: A Bm D (x3) 

D                         G 
The girl that I intend to wed, just bought  
                  D        A                   
a gift for me and said.."I bought this specially, 
G                                            D 
for all your friends to it up, go ahead." 
 Em                           D 
"Awww, that's awful swell," I said. 

D                         C   G 
I kissed her on the cheek and then, began to read  
the note within. 
 A                                G 
"In these you'll look real smart, because they match  
your heart"..and so I took them out. 
A     Em7                       D 
Clown shoes, so, what's it all about? 
    G       D 
Oh, no, not clown shoes! 
E          A               Dbm7       A 
Maaaaaybe, I'm in for some mighty bad news. 

D                               G 
She laughed at me and called my name, and all my friends,  
they did the same. 
A                                G 
Thought she was sweet and swell..and look how hard I fell. 
                     D      Em7 
And now I know I was, I'll go and put my clown  
shoes on. 

Em7                                D 
so, I'll go and put my clown shoes on. 
Em7                                D 
so, I'll go and put my clown shoes on..(Fade.) 

A sixties smash from Kraziekhat. 

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