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Like a rolling stone Acordes

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Like a rolling stone

	  4/4   | C | Dm | Em | F | G | G7 | 
   C                    Dm 
   Once upon a time you dressed so fine 
   Em                    F             G 
   Threw the bums a dime in your prime, didn't you 
  C                          Dm 
   People called you, said "Beware doll, 
          Em                  F                    G 
   You're bound to fall", you thought they were all kidding you 
  F           G 
   You used to laugh about 
  F                       G 
   Everybody else that was hanging out 
  F        Em   Dm       C 
   Now you don't talk so loud 
  F        Em   Dm       C 
   Now you don't seem so proud 
         Dm                            F                G 
   About having to be scrounging around for your next meal 
                  C  F  G 
   How does it feel,  
                  C  F  G 
   How does it feel 
                   C  F  G 
   To be on your own 
                     C  F  G 
   In no direction home 
                        C  F  G 
   Like a complete unknown 
                     C  F  G  G7 
   Like a rolling stone. 


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