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Just Trying To Be

Áño: 1972 - Álbum: Living in the Past

D       G5  
D       G5      G*  
D       G5      A  
(celeste plays then guitar joins in) D                    G             C  
There was a time when you were so young and walked in their way  
D                           G                             C  
They made you feel they loved you all seeing they say  
D                           G                             C  
You're going wrong if their game you don't play  
D                           G                             C  
And that the song I sing will lead you astray  
Bridge  (play only B and G strings)  
D5          D7  Gm      D5      D7      Gm  
Unfeeling, feel lonely rejection  
D5          D7  Gm      D5      D7      Gm  
Unknowing, know your going wrong  
A5                 C5         G5        A5  
And they can't see that we're just trying to be and not what we seem  
D          G    C       D                         A5  
And even now believe, that it's not real and only a dream  


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