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Áño: 2004 - Álbum: Stormwatch

Tono:  C Más
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	  C       C/B           Am      Am/G  
 As the dawn sun breaks over sleepy gardens  
F              Am/E     Bb              Am  
I'll be here to do all things to comfort you.  
G                    Am    D        C  
And though I've been away  left you alone this way  
Em                F            D7        G7                   C  
why don't you come awake and let your first smile take me home.  
C/B           Am      Am/G  F            Am/E     Bb  
The shadows in the park were longer yesterday  
and Lady Luck stood still, waiting for the kill.  
And on a jumbo ride over seas grey, deep and wide  
I flew for heaven's sake and let the angels take me home.  
Down steep and narrow lanes I see the chimneys smoking  
above the golden fields ... know what the robin feels  
in his summer jamboree. All elements agree  
in sweet and stormy blend --- midwife to winds that send me home.  


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