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Your Love Never Fails Acordes

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Your Love Never Fails

Em C G D (2x)  
C Em D (2x)  

Em                 C           G  
Nothing can separate     
Even if I ran away     
Em                     C     G     D     
Your love never fails     
Em                 C                            G  
I know I still make mistakes, but     
You have new mercy for me everyday     
Em                     C      G   D     
Your love never fails     

C                   G                                  D     
You stay the same through the ages     
Am                     C     
Your love never changes     
There may be pain in the night     
       D                       Am          C  
But joy comes in the morning     
         G                         D     
And when the oceans rage     
           Am              C     
I don't have to be afraid     
                  G                                 D     
Because I know that you love me     
        Am                    C     G  D     
And your love never fails     
                           C  G D  
Your love never fails   

                 C              Em                            D     
You make all things, work together for my good     


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