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Healing Hand Of God Acordes

Jeremy Camp



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Healing Hand Of God

(Jeremy Camp)

C#m	B	A x2 

Verse 1 
I have seen the many faces, 
B         A 
of fear and of pain. 
I have watched the tears fall plenty, 
B                   A 
From heart ache and strain. 
So if life's journey, 
B                A	 
Has you weary and afraid. 
F#m                               A	 
There's rest in the shadow of his wings. 
I have walked through the valleys, 
B                 A 
The mountains and plains. 
I have held the hand of freedom, 
B                A 
That washes all my stains. 
If you feel the weight of many trials, 
B                   C#m 
And burdens from this world. 
        F#m            E             A 
There's freedom in the shelter of the Lord. 

C#m A I have seen, E B The healing hand of God, C#m A E B Reaching out and mending broken hearts. C#m A E B Taste and see the fullness of His peace, F#m E A And hold on to what's being held out. C#m B A (x2) The healing hand of God.
Verse 2 C#m I have touched the scars upon His hands, B A To see if they were real. C#m He has walked the road before me, B A He knows just how I feel. A E When you feel that there’s not anyone, B C#m Who understands your pain, F#m E A Just remember all of Jesus' suffering. (Chorus) Bsus B Cast all your cares on Him, A For He cares for you. Bsus B A He's near to the broken and confused. Bsus B By His stripes, C#m Our spirit is renewed. A B So enter in the joy prepared for you.
A E B The healing hand of God (x2) E F#m E A And hold on to what's being held out (x2) B C#m A E B The healing hand of God C#m A E B Oh Oh Oh Oh

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