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This Far Gone Acordes

Jennifer Hanson

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This Far Gone

	  INTRO CHORDS:  Bb Cm Eb Dm Cm F 
               Bb                  G#             Eb              Bb  
I've been driv-ing and I've been thinking For at least a hundred miles 
                           C                   G#  Cm F 
And I'm seeing a lot of things I never saw be-fore 
          Bb                G#          Eb             C      
For the first time Leaving you Doesn't feel quite so wrong 
     Bb                    Cm  F           Bb  Eb Dm Cm           
But then again I've never been   this far gone 
             Bb             G#             Eb               Bb      
Well I was running Flat on empty Running scared quite some time 
                          C          G#   Cm      F 
So afraid of what I might do If I stopped    Oh yeah 
      Bb                 G#                     Eb                 C      
But I did and I can't believe I'm back on the highway not on the phone 
       Bb              Cm  F           Bb  Cm Bb 
Then again I've never been   this far gone 
         G#             Bb                Eb  
All the other times My heart turned me a-round 
      C                               Cm                  F 
But this time I'm not going back I'm way pass that point now 
       Bb            G#            Eb            C 
No I never really thought I could make it on my own 
     Bb                     Cm   F           Gm   Eb 
But then again, I've never been    this far gone 
    Bb               Cm        n.c.(F)           (Bb)      
Oh then again, I've never been         this far gone 
Eb Dm G#      Cm         Bb       
      Oooooo yeah yeah 

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