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Half A Heart Tattoo Acordes

Jennifer Hanson

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Half A Heart Tattoo

	  INtro - B 
(verse 1) 
She was touching up her make up I was standing next in line, 
Couldn't help but notice neath those powder room lights, 
There was china red outlined in black on the left side of her shoulder, 
In plain view 
A                       E                               B                     
I just had to ask hey, what's with that half a heart tattoo, 
(verse 2) 
She glanced at me through the mirror and just started to laugh, 
She said I know this looks funny but there is another half, 
And it's china red outlined in black on the right side of his shoulder, 
Last I knew, 
A                              E                           B 
Yeah somewhere out there is a match to this half a heart tattoo, 

A D B Well last I heard some red head caught his eye in New Orleans, A B and before it was a blonde in Baton Rouge, A D B I know there are at least a dozen gals out sporting one of these, A F# Thinking they are the only fool, A E B That he's left with a half a heart tattoo,
(verse 3) B Well girl you got my sympathy I knew a guy like that, B I said Well you ain't gonna believe this then I pulled my jacket back, E7 Yeah it's china red outlined in black on the left side of my shoulder, B Still fairly new yeah, A E B I guess there's just a whole mess of us with a half a heart tattoo, (chorus) A D B Well the last I heard he'd moved in with some dancer from L.A. A B But I'm bettin that won't last a week or two, A D B He loves long enough to leave his mark and then he's on his way, A F# He's so good they never have a clue, A E B til they're stuck with a half a heart tattoo, A F# So ladies make sure that guy standing next to you, A E B Ain't wearing no half a heart tattoo, B Half a heart tattoo B Half a heart tattoo,

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