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Its Alright

(Paul Kantner,alex Spence)

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It's Alright I came back from where I been 
I've been out, all about now I'm back in 

    C            F             G                 F             D        A 
I'm free so criticize me, I'm free you'll never realize why I touch you 

It's alright with me now understand me, 

I don't need you here, I can stand free 

     C                F              G         F                   D 
Your mind has built a fence, it dont make any sense someday you'll see. 
G    D  E 
Someday you'll see 
         C               D      G          C 
That its alright with me now, I'm not alone my friend 

It's alright 
It's alright 
   G              E           A 
I dont need your hand anymore more more more more! 

Its alright with me now please believe me   
I don't need your poor tongue to deceive me. 

        C                    F         G                 F                     D          A     E 
Well it dont seem right to me, to keep your mind so tight they close, you can't see me now, see me no. 

It's alright let your hair fall down in my eyes 
it's alright 
it's alright 
it's alright! 

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