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Jean Sheppard

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Dear John Letter

Capo en el 1er traste
	  As recorded by Jean Shepard and Ferlin Husky 
Written by Lewis Talley, Fuzzy Owen and Billy Barton 
st Fret/KEY: Bb/PLAY: A 
A Dear John, Oh, how I E7 hate to write 
Dear John, I must let you know A tonight 
That my love for you has A7 died 
Away, like D grass upon the lawn 
And E7 tonight I'll wed another, Dear A John. 
Narration: (Chorus melody played in background)  
A I was overseas in battle 
When the E7 postman came to me 
And he handed me a letter 
I was happy as can be A 
For the fighting was all over 
And the D battle just had been won 
Then I E7 opened up the letter 
And it started, Dear A John. 
Will you please send back my picture 
My husband wants it now 
When I tell you who I'm wedding 
You won't care, dear, anyhow  
Now the ceremony has started 
And I'll wed your brother, Don 
Will you wish us happiness, forever 
Dear John. 

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