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Dynamo Of Volition

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Intro D5 G5 F#5 D5 G5 F#5 F5 G5 -----------------------------------------------| -o-------------------------------------------o-| -----------------------------------------------| X2 -----7----10---11----7----12---11----3---5-----| -o---5----12---9-----5----10---9-----3---5---o-| -----0----0----0-----0----0----0---------------| Bm7 F#m7 G ---7----2----3---| ---7----2----3---| ---7----2----4---| ---7----2----5---| ---9----4----5---| ---7----2----3---| Bm7 ---------------7----------------| -----------------7----------7---| ---------7---------------7------| ------7---------------7---------| --------------------------------| ---7--------7-------7-----------| F#m7 G -------------------------------| -----------------------3-------| ---------2--------4-------4----| ------2--------5---------------| -------------------------------| ---2--------3--------3---------|
Verse Bm7 I've got the dynamo of volition With po-pole position F#m7 G Automatic transmission with lo-ow emissions Bm7 I'm a brand new addition to the old edition F#m7 G with the love unconditional. Bm7 I'm a drama abolitionist F#m7 Damn no opposition to my proposition G Half of a man, half magician Bm7 Half a politician holding the mic Like ammunition F#m7 G And my vision is as simple as light. (this one you want to kind of finger pick it while hiting notes. Just listen to him play it.) Bm7 There ain't no reason we should be in a fight Demolition F#m7 Get to vote, get to say what you like G Procreation Bm7 Compositions already written by themselves F#m7 G Saying heck is for the people not believin' in gosh
Bm7 Good Job Get 'em up way high F#m7 G Gimme gimme that high five Bm7 Good time Get 'em way down low F#m7 G Gimme gimme that low dough Bm7 Good times Bring 'em back again F#m7 G Gimme gimme that high ten Bm7 F#m7 G You're a representation of good intentions.
Bridge A/G I do not answer the call if F#m7 I do not know who is calling G I guess the whole point of it all is Bm7 That we never know really A/G I'm tryin' to keep with the Joneses F#m7 While waiting for guns and the roses G To finish what we all suppose is Bm7 Gonna be the shit that's silly

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