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Damn Good Beer Acordes

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Damn Good Beer

Capo en el 2º traste

Intro: E A (x2) 

verse 1: 
       C#m      A     E           B 
I spend 14 hard hours working the line 
      C#m            A       E       B 
I got bills that are needin' my over time 
       C#m        A              E       B              Fm              
And to fix my old Ford, is gonna cost me more than it's worth 
      A                                E 
Ya in other words… this is a damn good beer 
A damn good beer 

verse 2: 
C#m     A      E         B    
Earlier today, I got the call 
   C#m           A       E            B 
My ex don't want half no she wants it all 
      C#m        A                E                    Fm 
Right now I'd be fishin', but she sold my bass boat on eBay 
       A                              E 
Ah but that's OK… this is a damn good beer 
A damn good beer 

verse 3: 
      C#m              A  E          B    
I was sitting at the bar, minding my own 
     C#m        A                 E             B 
Some biker dude walked up, like I did something wrong 
          C#m                 A     E                   Fm 
He said, "Son get outta my seat, or you're gonna end up dead" 
Ahhh after my bottle shattered on his head I said 
That was a damn good beer 
A             E             
Damn good beer 
A                       E 
I'll take another round here 
A                 E 
And the whole bar cheered 
A                    E       A 
That was a damn good beer.... 
   E            A 
Aw drink it up... 

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