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Cryin' For Their Momma's Acordes

Jason Allen

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Cryin' For Their Momma's

	  Intro - F  Bb  C  F  C 

F Bb A barstool is just a big highchair for grown-up fools to cry on C F C The jukebox pacifies 'em all night long F Bb Suckin' on a longneck bottle keeps their mouth shut for a while C The bartender's just a babysitter, Give another bottle and make 'em feel better, Sittin' 'round playin' there little games together F Cryin' for their momma's that's gone
She dropped him off on the way to work Bb And he ain't seen her since C And that was three days ago and she didn't know F He took the money to pay the rent He bought a beer with a fifty, got change for a twenty Bb Didn't even see the deal go down C F When he's drinkin' he ain't the smartest man in town Chorus - I said.. Solo - F Bb C F C Chorus Ending C A barroom is just a big playpen Poutin' for a while then the fightin' begins Sittin' 'round tellin' each other their men F And cryin' for their momma's that's gone

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