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king of kings, majesty (Awesome God) Acordes

Jarrod Cooper


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king of kings, majesty (Awesome God)

	  Verse 1:  
E       A       E   A  
King of Kings, Majesty  
A/C#    D       E        A  
God of Heaven, living in me  
 E      A        E        A  
Gentle Saviour, closest friend  
A/C#      D         E           A  
Strong Deliverer, beginning and end  
A/C#   D       E            F#m E/G#  
All within me falls at your throne  
A E/G# F#m A/E Your majesty, I can but now D A/C# Bm7 D/E I lay my all, before you now A E/G# F#m A/E In royal robes, I don't deserve D A/E D/E A I live to serve Your ma - jes - ty
Verse 2: Earth and heaven, worship you Love eternal, faithful and true Who bought the nations, ransomed souls All within me cries out in praise

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