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Jamie Foxx



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I Got A Woman

	             Gm              F 
My life is lights, camera, action 
      Eb          F 
But I get no satisfaction 
       Cm       F                 Eb             D 
Cos my old lady upped and left, about two weeks ago 
         Gm             F   
Well she upped and just left me 
          Eb          Dm 
Damn near took all my money 
    Cm              F            Eb            Dm 
But even though she disappeared, one thing she didn't know 

           Gm  F 
Is I got a woman 
         Eb Dm 
Way over town 
               Eb Dm 
That's good to me 
And she gives me what I need 

          Bb              F 
Well it's like she had no feelings 
        Eb          Dm 
But she wasn't even willing 
   Cm                    Dm 
To admit to me that when we made love  
        Bb              Dm 
That it didn't move her soul 

Then quickly came the problems 
            Eb               Dm 
And when we finally hit rock bottom 
         Cm                   F 
Well she thought I died right on the spot 
      Eb             Bb 
But I smiled cos she didn't know 

        Gm     F     Gm    Dm       C   Dm 
I got a womannnnnnnnnnnnnn way over town 
        Eb              D 
And she gives me what I need 
I got a woman 

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