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Another Grey Morning Acordes

James Taylor



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Another Grey Morning

Áño: 2004 - Álbum: The Collection

                         E       D       C         Am                  Bm    E 
When I feel as though my love is sinking down, the sun doesn't want To shine 
                             E      D      C    Am                    B7 
When it feels like she won't face another day, life is unkind, she's frozen in time 

Em              Bm               Em   Bm D Em  Bm         Em             Bm D 
And here comes another grey morning.        A not so good morning after All 
Em               Bm           G      A      D                 B 
She says "well, what am i to do today with too much time and so Much sorrow." 

Em            Bm             Em         Bm D 
She hears the baby waking up downstairs 
Em            Bm              Em             Bm    D 
She hears the foghorn calling out across the sound 
Em Bm             G          A     D                            B 
Repetition in the morning air is just too much to bear, and no one Seems to care 

      E                           B 
If another day goes creeping by empty and ashamed 
        E                        D            G 
Like an old unwanted memory that no one will claim 
     C                               B7                                  E 
The clouds with their heads on the ground, she's going to have to come down 

E D C Am Bm 
E D C Am B 

E         A    B         E                   A 
She said "move me, move me, I'm locked up inside." 
D                        G            C             D 
Well, I didn't understand her though god knows I tried 
E         A    B      E                  A 
She said "make me angry but just make me cry 
D                G            C          D         E 
But no more grey morning, I think I'd rather die." 

E D C 

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