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James Lord Pierpont



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Jingle Bells

Áño: 1850 -

(James Lord Pierpont)

Dashing through the snow   
On a one-horse open sleigh,   
O'er the fields we go    
Laughing all the way;   
Bells on bob-tail ring   
Making spirits bright.   
What fun it is to ride and sing   
                   C    G7       
A sleighing song tonight.   

Chorus: C Jingle bells jingle bells, G7 C Jingle all the way! F C O what fun it is to ride G7 C In a one-horse open sleigh.
C A day or two ago F I thought I'd take a ride G7 And soon Miss Fanny Bright C Was seated by my side. C The horse was lean and lank; F Misfortune seemed his lot; G7 He got into a drifted bank C G7 And we we got upsot. Chorus C A day or two ago— F The story I must tell— G7 I went out on the snow C And on my back I fell; C A gent was riding by F In a one-horse open sleigh. G7 He laughed as there I sprawling lie C G7 But quickly drove away. Chorus C Now the ground is white, F Go it while you're young. G7 Take the girls tonight C And sing this sleighing song. C Just get a bob-tailed bay F Two-forty for his speed. G7 Hitch him to an open sleigh C G7 And crack! you'll take the lead. Chorus

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