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Since You Asked Acordes

James Keelaghan



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Since You Asked

(James Keelaghan)

Capo en el 5º traste

Intro: F  C  G    F  C  G   E7 

  Am                       G         Am 
I know you think you could take that leap 
          G                                         Am 
You'll be in too deep, at the mercy of the current 
                    G        Am 
Winds are high, the cliff is steep 
G                                     F 
Sharp drop off, acts like a deterrent 

                  C       G 
Walk out into the great unknown 

You'll never finish if you don't get started 
F                       C         G 
How about you take that one small step 
Into a world that's still uncharted 

  Am                    G         Am 
I know, you feel if you sing your tune 
          G                                 Am 
You'll be doomed to being a one-hit wonder 
                   G        Am 
Burn too brightly, peak too soon 
       G                                            F 
You've got to get out from this cloud you're under 

                     C      G 
Some folks are gonna do you wrong 

Because you do the things they wanted to but couldn't 
        F                               C     G 
They'll try to cast doubt, that's their siren song 
                                 E7                        Dm 
You'll be tempted to listen, but really you shouldn't bend 

                    F           C     Dm 
Every now and then, just let it ride 
                          F       G     Dm 
You'll be a winner if you just survive 
You can't miss what you never had 
    C                       E7               Am   G Am7 
You never had a chance this good, that's too bad___ 

INTERLUDE: G    Am  G Am G    F 

                              C          G 
You're gonna think you got it all worked out 

Something takes you down, makes you holler out for leaving 
F                                C        G 
Though you're on a mission to re-civilise 
You better have a cushion, they're pushing back the jungle 

  Am                    G            Am 
I know, you're tired of breaking the trail 
G                                           Am 
Every small detail is hampering your vision 
                    G        Am 
Fog descends like a twilight veil 
    G                                         F 
Yet you push on and get what you were wishing for 

                    C       G 
Somewhere you got a small reserve 

Tricks up your sleeve, chips you haven't cashed in 
   F                               C           G 
If you want to get the things that you deserve 
Throw caution to the wind, stick with passion 

  Am                    G        Am 
I know you're scared to make the leap 
       G              Am 
You're in too deep 
                       G         Am              G         Am 
I know you feel if you sing your tune, you'll be doomed 
                       G              Am     G               Am   G Am G    Am 
I know you're tired of breaking trail, every small detail 

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