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I Would I Were Acordes

James Keelaghan



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I Would I Were

(James Keelaghan)

	  CAPO: 2

Intro: G    Am  Bm G C  G    Am  Bm G C   

  G                          Am     G        C 
I would I were a robin's song borne upon the wind 
G                                    Am       G        C 
Lilting light through morning bright, soaring from the limb 
    D              C                 D               C 
And if I were that robin's song, I'd soar without delay 
    G                                   Am    G        C 
And be the first thing that you hear as you begin your day 

INTERLUDE: G    Am  Bm G C  (2x) 

  G                                  Am     G    C 
I wish the Northern Lights were of a fabric apprehended 
     G                                        Am           G     C 
That from these earthbound human hands, those lights could be suspended 
  D                 C                   D                 C 
I wish the northern lights were mine to hem and sew and weave 
    G                               Am       G        C 
I'd make a cloak for you to wear to keep you from the breeze 

Em     Am 
Oh___, all of the questions 
D                       Em 
All of the stars in the sky 
Oh___, never the answers 
D                    E7 
Always the wondering why 

  A                                      Bm                   D 
I wish my hand could touch the place within your heart that's hidden 
    A                                 Bm              D 
And go to you, as if some ghost, that by you had been bidden 
    E                    D               E              D 
And though this world is touch and go, I cannot but believe 
   A                                   Bm                  D 
Of all the things that touch us first, love is the last to leave 
   A                                   Bm    D 
Of all the things that touch us first 

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