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Jack Johnson

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If we took a holiday 

A little time to get away 

Just one day out of life 

It would be, it would be so nice 



It would be so nice 

G Love: 

Check it out yo 

I dishwash hip hop non stop 

Down to New Zealand and you feel the beat drop 

We work so hard just to live and survive 

Were just lucky like yall feeling the vibe 

From my feet to my toes you know how it goes 

I eat beats like snacks, fat tracks and microphones 

Lay back like jack with a glass of merlot 

And you know I’m going bust with that funky ass flow 

So my spidy sense is starting to tingle 

I’ma eat it up like a booty called single 

From Aukland to Japan around the world 

In a rush my girl says that I work too much 

Soon im going to crash like a tital wave 

And I fall on the beach cause it’s a holiday 

And chill in the shade cause im lemonade 

Well my name is G. love and that’s my brother Jack J 




It would be so nice 



It would be so nice 

(GAlgumas vezes A) 
I walked 37 miles of barbed wire 
I got a cobra-snake for a necktie 
I got a brand new house on the roadside 
Made outta rattlesnake hide 
I got a brand new chimney made on top 
Made out of a human skull 
SO come on darling take a little walk with me 

And tell me who do you love? 

Who do you love? 

Who do you love? 

(GAlgumas vezes A) 
Focus on this the introductionist 

Yeah more the lyricist in this rap metropolis 

More like an activist who will give it to you all 

Presentation will make you have a ball 

Styles start conceiving causing you to meditate 

Manipulate the mind with hypnotic modern state 

We far from the fakes 

We never fake moves 

But jealous mofos since the justice approves 

And who the hell he be having a fit 

Well he ain’t got shit 

That’s why he’s in crips 

And I identify bodily trips 

Business of nonsense nothing less than BS(west side) 

And who can hang with the all around remainders 

A true entertainer 

Revival of the true art form of hip hop 

Explore non-stop 

Entertain ya till ya drop 

Well who do you love? 

I say who do you love? 

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