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The Thanksgiving Song Acordes

Jack Douglass



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The Thanksgiving Song

Intro: A D A D 

verse 1 
A                         D                  A D 
Halloween's over and it's not yet Christmas 
A                                 D                    A D 
There's a weird in-between in the middle and it sucks 
Bm           E 
So pardon my frown 
         Bm         E                D7            Dmaj7 
But it's hard to be excited when the theme color's brown 

A Thanksgiving D F#m E Here it comes again, the vicious cycle A Thanksgiving D F#m E You're like Jackson 5 without the Michael Bm E Yeah, Macy's got a parade Bm D7 But it always ends with Santa on his sleigh A D A D Why bother?
verse 2 A No Santa, no elves D A D No witches, ghouls, or goblins A D A D As holidays go, it doesn't even make the top 10 Bm E Christmas ham is so much better Bm E D7 Dmaj7 "I love turkey" said no one ever
A Thanksgiving D F#m Here it comes again E For no good reason A Thanksgiving D F#m E You're in the way of my jolly Christmas season Bm E By five o'clock, we've stuffed our faces Bm D7 Then it's back to the daily races
Interlude A D A D Daug Bridge Bm A So why do I sing this song so angrily? Bm A Thanksgiving's a chance to see your family Bm E Well, in case you don't remember A D We all do it again in December Bm E Planes and trains and cars and highways A D7 Dmaj7 And the very next day is Black Friday
N.C. Thanksgiving N.C. E Damn your icy heart, you've got no soul A Thanksgiving D F#m E Let's take turns and say why we're thankful Bm E The only thing I'm thankful for is Bm D7 Don't have to sing another
Outro A A A A You're Christmas lite

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