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Gloria Acordes

Israel Houghton, Cindy Cruise-Ratcliff



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	  Verse 1: 
The name of the Lord 
Is a strong and mighty tower 
Dm7                       G7  A+7(#9) 
Righteous run in and are safe 
Heaven and earth 
Are held within its power 
Gm9          A+7(#9) 
Glory to His name 
Verse 2: 
The name of the Lord 
Is an everlasting promise 
Goodness and mercy and grace 
Every nation 
Will bow before Jesus 
Glory to His name 
Chorus 1: 
           Dm    G7 Dm    G7 Dm    G7 
And we say gloria   gloria   gloria 
Gm9   Gm9/F Em7(b5)    A+7(#9) 
Yesterday today and forever 
      Dm7  G7  Dm7  G7  Dm7  G7  Dm7 
D/A  G/A  D/A  G/A   D/F#     D/G   Em/G D/A    A 
Glo - - - - - - - ria in ex - cel - cis  De  -  o 
D/A  G/B  D/F# E/G#  D/F#   G    Em7(b5/b9) A7 Dm C Bb A7(b9) 
Glo - - - - - - - ria in excelcis De - - -  - o 
Dm  C  Bb  C  Gm7  A7(b9)  Dm 
Chorus 2: 
Dm    G7 Dm   G7 Dm    G7 
Gloria   gloria  gloria 
Gm9   Gm9/F Em7(b5)    A+7(#9) 
Yesterday today and forever 
      G7 Dm 


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