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If Not Now, When? Acordes




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If Not Now, When?

Intro: C 

I have waited, dined on ashed, swung from chandeliers and climbed 
  Am  F C                                      Am  F C 
Everest. And none of it's gotten me close to this. 

     G       F       C     G         F        C 
I've waited all my life. If not now, when will I? 

C                                                                             Am  F  C 
We've been good, even in a blast, but don't you feel like something's missing here? 
          Am   F         C 
Don't you dare? 

    G       F       C     G         F        C 
I've waited all my life. If not now, when will I? 
     G       F       C 
Stand up and face the bright light 
       G       F 
Don't hide your eyes 
 Am   F   Am   G 
It's time. 

C                                    Am  F  C 
No umbrellas, no sunglasses, Hailing Hallelujah everyday 

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