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Lead Me To The Cross Acordes




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Lead Me To The Cross

       Bm  A  G 
       Bm  A  G 

Verse 1: 
Bm       A 
Savior I come 
               G               A 
quiet my soul remember 
Bm              A 
redemptions hill 
where Your blood was spilled 
            D     A 
for my ransom 

Em             A 
everything I once held dear 
   Bm      A      G 
I count it all as lost 

G lead me to the cross D A where Your love poured out G bring me to my knees D A Lord I lay me down Bm G rid me of myself D A I belong to You Em lead me G A Bm lead me to the cross
Instrumental Bm A G D Bm A G D Verse 2: Bm A You were as I G tempted and trialed D A You are Bm A the word became flesh G bore my sin and death D A now You're risen Bridge: D G A to your heart D G A to your heart D G A lead me to your heart D G A lead me to your heart

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