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All for love

Áño: 2005 - Álbum: Look To You

Intro: G  A/C#  D  G  A/C#  D  
Verse 1:  
G        A/C#           D  
All for love, a Father gave  
G         A/C#             Bm  
For only love could make a way  
G        A/C#             Bm   G     A/C#           D  
All for love, the heavens cried for love was crucified  
              A/C#                     Bm  
Oh, how many times have I broken Your heart  
                  G             D  
But still You forgive if only I ask  
              A/C#                   Bm  
And how many times have You heard me pray  
Draw near to me  

A E/G# F#m Everything I need is You D My beginning, my forever A E/G# F#m D Everything I need is You
Verse 2: G A/C# D Let me sing all for love G A/C# D I will join the angel song G A/C# Bm Ever holy is the Lord G A/C# D King of glory, King of all Other: F#m D F#m D Verse 3: D E/G# A All for love a Savior prayed D E/G# A Abba Father, have Your way D E/G# A Though they know not what they do D E/G# F#m9 Let the cross draw man to You, to You F#m9 To You, to You

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