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	  Intro: Em C G D (2x) 
         Em                C 
Lost for words with all to say  
         G              D 
Lord you take my breath away  
         Em                  C 
Still my soul, my soul cries out 
        G     D 
You are holy  
         Em             C 
And as I look upon Your name  
        G          D 
Circumstances fade away  
         Em              C 
Now Your glory steals my heart  
        G    D 
You are holy  
        Em     C 
You are holy  
        G         D 
You are holy Lord  
G                                D 
Evermore my heart, my heart will say  
C          Em                  D 
Above all, I live for Your glory 
G                             D  
Even if my world falls I will say  
C          Em                  D 
Above all, I live for Your glory  
Solo: Em C G D (2x) 
With all my heart I'll say  
    C               G 
I'm living for Your name  
     D               Em 
With all to give You praise  
      C               G          D 
We're living for Your glory Lord  


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