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Kid Gloves

(Tim Baker)

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Intro: Cm Gm FF Bb 

        Bb      Cm 
when you come to  
               Gm    F 
you're kinda floating 
        Bb      Cm 
the air is full  
               Gm    F 
it's like it's holding you  
        Bb      Cm 
isn't it typical?  
               Gm    F 
nobody's noticing  
        Bb      Cm 
all that they're moving in  
               Gm    F 
all that they're breathing  
        Bb      Cm 
isn't it beautiful?  
               Gm    F 
here in the thick of it?  
        Bb      Cm 
to know that when you fall  
               Gm    F 
you're just afraid to swim?  

        Bb      Cm 
here it is...  

Cm Gm FF Bb 

        Bb      Cm 
see the arches of paint  
               Gm    F 
see the ocean of dust  
        Bb      Cm 
see all the colours arranged  
               Gm    F 
and hover over us  
        Bb      Cm 
like when we were little kids  
               Gm    F 
lifted into our beds  
        Bb      Cm 
didn't we see it then?  
               Gm    F 
before we turned our heads?  

here it is  
it's invisible  
there are no words for it  
Bb                     Am Dm 
i know you feel it though  
Eb                          F 
you feel it lifting up, you feel the weights come off 
Gm               Bb           Am Dm  
and every cell of blood, they suddenly move as one 
Eb                          F 
 we were denied so much, all their religion  
Gm               Bb           Am Dm  
all for a science that i never understood  
Eb                          F 
they took away my trust, maybe i gave it up  
Gm               Bb           Am Dm  
just an adolescent shrug, posture as i drop the gloves  
Eb                          F 
yeah but that was years ago. i missed so many miracles  
Gm               Bb           Am Dm  
living with my eyelids shut, but now i swear that they're opened up  
                                     Bb    Cm    Gm  F 
now i swear that they're opened up! 

Cm (Gm) F (Bb) 

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