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Asystole Acordes

Hayley Williams



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                 Dm           Am 
I don't live for you, I live for me 
If only that were true 
If only I could prove that on my own I'm worthy 
Dm                                           Am 
Funny how it feels like we're talking to each other on the other line 
But its quiet here 
Nothing playing but the song of asystole 

Fmaj7 Am G Asystole, asystole Fmaj7 E Am Asystole, asystole
Dm Am And I can't get my head to say anything my heart could ever understand Dm I want to forget Am But the feeling isn't something I can let myself let go of Dm The trouble is the way you stick Am To any part of me that remains intact Dm But if I pull the plug Am It isn't only me that I'm holding back
Fmaj7 Am G Asystole, asystole Fmaj7 E Am Asystole, asystole
{Outro} Fmaj7 Am Em Revive your love in me Fmaj7 Am Em Revive another side of me Fmaj7 Am Em My eyes still see the poison devotion in me Fmaj7 E Am Revive, revive, revive asystole, asystole Fmaj7 Am Em Fmaj7 Am Em Fmaj7 Am Em Fmaj7 E

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