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Run To You

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                 Am                       F 
When my hope is frail, when my dreams are gone 
                  C                     G/B 
When my heart is dying, when I can't go on 
                  Am                       F 
When my world is falling, when my past is calling 
                C                       G   F-E *Octives 
When my will is broken, I know where to run 

         Am F C 
I run to You 

You alone can save me, keep me from going crazy 
You hold my world together, So I will run to You 
I need You more than ever, I'm breaking under pressure 
I know You'll never leave me, so I will trust in You 

           Am                F 
You are my Hope, You are my Dreams 
           C                 G 
You are my Eyes when I can't see 
           Am               F 
You are my Love, You are my Light 
            C                   G   F-E *Octives 
You are the Way, the Truth, the Life 

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