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The Little Rosewood Casket Acordes

Hank Thompson


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The Little Rosewood Casket

	  In a little G7 Rosewood C casket 
In the hall up-{G7} on a C stand 
There's a package of F old love C letters 
Written G7 by a true love's C hand. 
Won't you go and get them, sister 
Read them o'er to me tonight 
I have tried so hard to read them 
But the tears, they blind my sight. 
Place his letters and his picture 
Both together by my heart 
With a little ring he gave me 
>From my finger ne'er shall part. 
When I'm dead and in my casket 
And deep in my grave I live 
I want to be there close beside him 
When they lay me down to die.

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