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Blackboard Of My Heart Acordes

Hank Thompson

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Blackboard Of My Heart

	  G When I was young and went to school 
They taught me how to D write 
To take the chalk and make a mark 
And hope it turns out G right 
Well that's the way it is with love 
And what you G7 did to C me 
I wrote it so you'd G know 
That I was D yours eternal-{G} ly. 
G But my tears have washed I love you 
>From the D Blackboard of my heart 
It's too late to clean the slate 
And make another G start 
I'm satisfied the way things are 
Although we're G7 far a-{C} part 
My tears have washed G I love you from 
The D Blackboard of my G heart. 
If you'd been true the way you should 
And not have gone astray 
These tears would not have fallen down 
And washed the words away 
No need to talk, 'cause if the chalk 
Should write those words again 
It will be for someone else 
Not things that might have been. 

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