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Yellow Roses Acordes

Hank Snow

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Yellow Roses

C   G7       C            C7                        F 
I just received, sweetheart, your yellow roses, 
                     C                             D7          G7 
You tell me, dear, they mean that we're all through. 
                    C        C7                     F 
You tell me that, tonight your heart is broken, 
                        C                G7       C 
But you should know, I was never untrue. 
	I'll place them near your photograph, 
	And as the petals fall, 
	They'll hide from you my lonely tears, 
	That shouldn't fall at all. 
                        C     C7                  F 
Then they will slowly fade away and die, 
                        C                          G7               C 
But I'll still love you, though yellow roses say "goodbye." 
Submitted by Ray Prince, aka Swamp Varmint (who remembers Eddie Hill, the 
original.) This song has been recorded by several artists, but none can top 
number one, Clarence E. (Hank) Snow, the Singing Ranger. 

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