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My Filipino Rose Acordes

Hank Snow

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My Filipino Rose

Recorded by Hank Snow 
Words and music by Hank Snow 
C The postman dropped a G7 letter in my C door 
The F address wasn't plain, but I could C see 
It had F traveled far across the great Pa-{C} cif-ic 
>From My Filipino G7 Rose across the C sea. 
C The writing from her G7 tremblin' hand was C blurred 
The F paper, it was badly stained with C tears 
It F read, "They tell me you have wed a-{C} nother 
After I have longed and G7 waited all these C years." 

C "But I'm still prayin', that the F tradewinds Send you G7 sailin' across the C blue In my harbor, I've dreamed you'll F anchor Where your G7 lonely Filipino waits for C you."
I promised her that I'd return some day I told her she'd won my heart and hand I told her a lie, 'cause I was lonely Far from home, a stranger in that foreign land. She wrote, "I've watched the driftwood float on by I've watched the sea roll on its weary way I've watched the silver sails out on the ocean Hopin' you might return to me someday." "The chains of love may never set you free But thru the years, as mem'ries fonder grow This broken heart will always wait for you, dear." It was signed, "Your lonely Filipino Rose." CHORUS

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