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Hank Snow

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Ladys Man

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	  Recorded by Hank Snow 
Words and music by Cy Coben 
C I'm a Lady's Man, Oh! yes-sir-ee 
I F like the gals and the gals like me 
C Can I make 'em swoon? Oh! yes, I G can 
Don't C know what it is about me they love 
But F what it is, I got plenty of 
Make C way for me, I'm a G lovin', Lady's C Man. 
I'm a F Lady's Man and that's no crime 
I C like 'em 'round me all of the time 
I've D got a line of talk they under-{G} stand 
Now C you may like a baseball game 
But F as for me, that's much too tame 
I C get my thrill just G bein' a Lady's C Man. 
Been a Lady's Man since I was three 
The women used to bounce me on their knee 
They would always say, "When he grows up, watch out!" 
"When the gals see his big blue eyes 
They'll hang around like a bunch of flies." 
Those women knew what they were talkin' about. 
I'm a Lady's Man I get the breaks 
I guess I've got everything it takes 
When it come to lovin', they like my brand 
Oh! the gals won't leave me alone 
I have to disconnect my phone 
That's how it is when you're a Lady's Man. 
I'm a Lady's Man, Oh! yes-sir-ee 
I love the gals and the gals love me 
And when it comes to dates, I'm in demand 
Oh! I like 'em short, I like 'em tall 
As a mater of fact, I love 'em all 
Make way for me, I'm a lovin', Lady's Man 

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