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I Wonder Where You Are Toni Acordes

Hank Snow

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I Wonder Where You Are Toni

	  Recorded by Hank Snow 
Words and music by Johnny Bond  
D Tonight I'm sad, my heart is G weary 
I'm A7 wond'ring if I'm wrong or D right 
Altho' you've gone and found a-{A7} nother 
I A7 wonder where you are D tonight. 
That old G rain is cold and slowly D fallin' 
Upon my window pane to-{A7} night 
And D tho' your love was even G colder 
I A7 wonder where you are to-{D} night. 
Your heart was cold, you never loved me 
Tho' you said you often cared 
And now you've gone and found another 
Someone who knows the love I shared. 
Then came the dawn that day you left me 
I tried to smile with all my might 
But you could see the pain within me 
That lingers in my heart tonight. 

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