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	  Recorded by Hank Snow 
Writer: Mitchell Torok 
1. C Have you ever been down to Haiti, when 
The summer sun was sinkin' G7 low 
There's nothin' but romance, just everwhere you glance 
And the native hearts are all a-{C} glow 
But when the Cuban Queen comes upon the scene 
They all stare like a statue out of F stone 
And when they realize what's be-{C} fore their eyes 
The other G7 girls are left all a-{C} lone. 
2. C Down in the Caribbean, it's not a dream you're seein' 
When you get a glimpse of the lady with the G7 charm 
But from miles away you can see her sway 
To the beat of the Cuban Conga line that C forms. 
3. C Up in a tree so high, way up in the sky 
Sits a wide-eyed monkey on a G7 limb 
He wonders why the people go to so much trouble 
Just to try to be like C him 
He doesn't understand, that it's a lady's hand 
That makes a heart feel so sub-{F} lime 
But before too long, he starts C singing the song 
And then he G7 gets in the Conga C line. 
4. Columbus searched for spices, but he missed the nicest 
Part of the Caribbean 
He didn't see the charms and the open arms 
It was the gold that he was seein' 
Oh, but I'm glad he missed, the sweetest thing I've kissed 
'Cause we're on our honeymoon 
I'm so sorry Chris, to talk about you like this 
But you were five-hundred years too soon. 
Note. Repeat verses 2 and 3. 


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