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Along Lifes Highway Acordes

Hank Snow

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Along Lifes Highway

  (C) Travelling the lonely road of (G7)) sorrow, 
        Heartaches is all I've ever (C) known; 
    (F) Time has turned a million (C) pages, 
    (G7) Fate has dealt and I'm (C) alone, 
          The little stars all twinkle (G7) brighter, 
          The moon shines gaily from the (C) blue; 
          The (F) flowers seem to spread more (C) beauty, 
       (G7) Oh, so glad 'cause I met (C) you. 
(G7) But somewhere along life's (C) highway, (G7) From your new love you may (C) part; And then you'll (C7) reap the (F) pains my (C) darling, (G7) That go with a broken (C) heart.
Though you made my life a failure, I have never been untrue; And these lonely years I've wasted, All because my love for you. You played your game to leave me darling, Your game I did not understand; So you dealt the cards against me, And I played the losing hand. Chorus: *********************************

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