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A Message From The Trade Winds

G                                               C        G 
The lights were burning low and Mister Midnight made his way 

    D7                                             G 
Old Father Time had trudged along to close another day 

                                                     C       G 
The old clock ticked and seemed to say your heart is sad and blue 

         A7           D7                    G 
But just remember pal there's others broken too 

I told the moon it was so hard to play love's losing hand 

         G                                 A7                D7 
When you thought you drew a sweetheart she was just a fickle friend 

      G                                              C         G 
Don't mind my tears remember there's still a million hearts in bloom 

           A7                 D7             G 
So keep on shining though I'm pining silvery moon 

                                              C          G 
The trade winds brought a message in from far across the sea 

     D7                                                   G 
They said they saw the silver sails that carried you from me 

                                          C       G 
They told me you were drifting on upon an endless tide 

           A7               D7              G 
And lonely seagulls hovered o'er you as you cried 

If I could send a message on the crest of every wave 

       G                           A7                     D7 
They'd take you my forgiveness and two broken hearts we'd save 

    G                                               C         G 
But instead I'll ask each little star to guide your ship back home 

           A7                 D7             G 
So keep on shining though I'm pining silvery moon 

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