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Mysteries Of Life

(Virgil F. Stewart)

	  C                             F 
So many beautiful stories are told 

   G7                                   C 
Of love and affection that's purer than gold 

They meet and they love and he makes her his wife 

    G7                                C 
And why it can't last is a mystery of life 

I love you my darling I've always been true 

    G7                              C 
Wherever you go I'll be thinking of you 

You say you don't want me you wish to be free 

   G7                                          C 
If that's what you want that's the way it will be 

I love you too much and not wisely I know 

  G7                                         C 
I thought it was right cause you said it was so 

And now for my wrong dearly I pay the cost 

    G7                                   C 
The price is so high if your love I have lost 

When daddy told mother till death to us part 

   G7                                  C 
He said it and meant it right from the heart 

But now it is different how people have changed 

    G7                                   C 
The words of the Bible they don't mean a thing 

God made the ocean the forest and trees 

   G7                                 C 
He made the flowers the birds and the bees 

And why He permits all these troubles and strife 

     G7                              C 
That is just one of the Mysteries Of Life 

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