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Hank Locklin



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Love Song For You

	  C7   F            A7       D7 
I am writing this song for you 

       A#7      C            F   C7   
Let me see do I know what to say 

        F            A7         D7 
For the old words of love won't do 

       A#7    C               F 
Let me try to explain it this way 

    A7                     D7 
The meek shall inherit the earth 

    G7                        C7 
And if I should be one of the few 

        F             A7           D7 
All the wealth I will own won't be worth 
    A#7        C            F   C7 
The joy I have known loving you 

       F           A7             D7 
In the night I can reach for your hand 

      A#7          C         F     C7  
And I know it will always be there 

        F      A7       D7 
How can I make you understand  

        A#7           C             F 
What it means just to know that you care 

        A7                          D7 
I canâ??t think of what my life would be 

   G7                           C7 
If I'd lived it without knowing you 

       F            A7       D7 
Though I don't even know the key 

     A#7          C             F 
I am writing this love song for you 

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