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Come Home With Me Acordes

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Come Home With Me

Capo en el 2º traste

 (All Chords 2 counts) 

Intro: Trumpet and then: 

C   C    F   C   F   C   G   G 

verse 1 
C             C              F           C   F         C  
Yeah, I ain't sure that it's not the whiskey making me dizzy 
     G      G 
Who knows? Who knows? 
C         C      F           C   
It's time now to put down my glass 
F            C          G           G 
This is my chance, and here goes, here goes! 

Pre Chorus* 
         F        C        F        C 
You may think my lines are bad, and 
        F      C        G    G 
Throw my number in the trash 
         F          C    F   C 
But I can't let you get away 
         F       C        G    G 
So I won't leave until I say 

F C F C F C G G Come home with me, Not just for tonight, but maybe for life We'll see! F C F C F C G G Come home with me, 'Cause I just can't change until I'll make you see F C F C F C G G So come on, ho-oooome home with me F C F C F C G G So come on, ho-oooome home with me COME HOME WITH ME!
verse 2 C C F C F C G G Sometimes we're not in control, You got to hold on, just take a ride C C F C 'Cause what if, what if tonight F C G G is the first night for the rest of our lives?! Pre Chorus Chorus Bridge: x4 F C F C F C Let's make this a night to remember, Yeah to remember! G G We won't remember! Chorus *F in pre Chorus is played as F then F with 3rd string open. C is played with a hammer on the 4th string.

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