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She Ain't Going Nowhere (ver. 2) Acordes

Guy Clark



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She Ain't Going Nowhere (ver. 2)

	  D                G          D G/D D            
Standing on the gone side of le--av--ing 
     Em                  A               D 
She found her thumb and stuck it in the breeze 
                            G           D G/D D 
She'll take anything thats going close to so--me--where 
         A                                  D  
She can lay it down and live it like she'd please 
Bm G A D She ain't goin nowhere she's just leaving Bm G A D G G/F# She ain't goin nowhere she cant bre-athe in Em A D She ain't goin home and that's for sure
G D G/D D She's not sitting down and crying on her su--it--case Em A D She has no second thoughts by the road G D G/D D She's got feelings that need some rep--ai--ring A D And she did not give a damn that it showed Chorus G D G/D D Well the wind had its way with her h---ai---r Em A D And the blues have a way with her smile G D G/D D And she had a way of her o----w-----n A D Like prisoners have a way with a file Chorus 2x Em A D And she ain't goin' home and that's for sure
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