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	  verse 1: 
When I was born you were my breath 
You warmed my skin against your breast 
You were my food You were my light 
You were my morning and my night 
It’s always only ever been 
                       Eb  G7   Cm 
It’s always only ever been You 

verse 2: 
And then I met you on the wall 
You were seventeen inches tall 
A painted smile across your face 
I prayed for heaven, prayed for grace 
I gave my life when I was ten 
I prayed in tongues was born again 
                       Ab  G7   Cm  Eb7 
It’s always only ever been You 

Ab Eb You were there, as the world unfolded harsher fare Dm7 Bb As the spiral pared the seams, and the brand new colors gleamed Eb I could only think of you Ab Eb You were there, every broken heart and tangled care Bb/D G7 Jesus, Savior, Lord and King; oh my friend and everything Cm C7 It was always only You
verse 3: Fm I saw the writing on the wall Fmaj7/E You were a man and that was all Fm7/Eb There was no God in heaven above Bb/D There was no perfect saving love Db It was always only ever me Ab C7 Fm It was always only me Interlude: | Bbm | Bbm | Bbmaj7/A | Bbmaj7/A | Bbm7/Ab | Bbm7/Ab | Eb/G | Eb/G | Gb | Gb | Db | Db | Gb | verse 4: Cm And then my world was torn apart Cmaj7/B I felt a ground, I felt a heart Cm7/Bb And all the universe was one F/A Just like a Father, Spirit, Son Ab My heart is open once again Eb A distant love, a forlorn friend Ab G7 Cm Eb7 Maybe it’s always ever been You
Ab Eb If you are there as the world unfolds its harsher fare Dm7 Bb As the spiral pairs the seams, as the holy haunts my dreams Eb I will stay right here with You Ab Eb You were there, every broken heart and tangled care Bb/D G7 Jesus, Teacher, Brahman Light; Son of God and Source of Life Cm And it’s always only You

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