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	  rendition of Groundation's "Dream" 

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CHORDS USED : ( D#m, A#m, Fm ) 

D#m      D#m        A#m       D#m 
In I man dream stands a holy Nazarene 
A face of wisdom deep in meditation 
Oh I do not know what I am after 
But before I could leave 
From the wise man came laughter 
His eyes are red, red as the fire 
But out his mouth comes 
The words of wisdom saying, 
"Come with me my son 
I know what you are after 
For you are a seeker 
of truth and wisdom" 
D#m            Fm 
He lead me into the wilderness 
Where he keep the fire burning 
He said, "Sit down by the fire and you will 
Drink from the cup of all life's desires" 
A#m            D#m 
Yes iya see it, in iyana dream 
Lord iya see it, in iyana dream 
D#m      D#m        A#m       D#m 
So there I was a manifestation upon creation 
I turned to my elders excepting direction 
"Oh humble yourself and open your heart 
Live your life right from the start 
You know nothing and there is 
Nothing you don't know 
For inside all dwells the mighty creator 
Oh we are a vessel for all life to flow 
Each & every one is the keeper of their soul" 
D#m            Fm 
He walked further into the wilderness 
Until we reached the still waters 
He picked up a seed and said, 
"Here son, it's time for you to grown your own tree" 
A#m            D#m 
Yes iya see it, in iyana dream 
Lord iya see it, in iyana dream 

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