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This Used To Be My Town Acordes

Gretchen Peters



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This Used To Be My Town

(Gretchen Peters)

	  CAPO: 3 

Intro: Fmaj7  C  Fmaj7  C 

N.C. Fmaj7                       C 
The  altar boys are sneaking cigarettes 
    Fmaj7                                   C 
The friends and neighbours offering their regrets 
    Fmaj7                         Em     Am 
The station wagons in the pouring rain 
    Fmaj7                         G 
And all that water going down the drain 

N.C. Fmaj7                                C 
A    white lace dress for when I turn thirteen 
      Fmaj7                                     C 
And a bright red stain that wouldn't quite come clean 
F                             Em 
Walking by the football field 
Trying out my sex appeal 
      F                                Csus4    G 
While all around the leaves are turning brown 
     F             C        F   C 
This used to be my town 

N.C. Fmaj7                              C 
He   waited by the swing-set in the park 
   Fmaj7                              C   
He tore at my new raincoat in the dark 
    F                               Em 
And all that I could think about was  
                   Am           F 
Getting through and getting out 
                                       Csus4   G 
And how the night could fall without a sound 
     F             C         F   C   F   C   F   C    
This used to be my town 

N.C. Fmaj7                                 C 
I'm  flying through the clouds as white as snow 
    Fmaj7                        C 
I'm looking at the people down below 
    F                                   Em 
The whole world holds its breath for me 
                   Am       F 
The priest evokes eternity 
                                  Csus4   G 
And everywhere the rain is pouring down 
     F             C      
This used to be my town 
     F             C    
This used to be my town 

OUTRO: C   F   C   F   C   F   C   F   C   F   C 

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