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Saint Francis

(Gretchen Peters/Tom Russell)

	  Intro: G  C/G  G  C/G  G 

                      C/G    G 
Saint Francis walking on the water 
                   C/G     G           D 
All his lambs have gone to slaughter 
And all the creatures who receive his grace 
    G                       D              G 
You can see them all in his haggard face 

                      C/G     G 
Saint Francis begging at your doorway 
                                          C/G        G     D 
You want to let him in, but what will the neighbours say 
And you know you can't go on, but you can't give up 
       G                    D             G 
And he answers you with his begging cup 

                      C/G     G 
Saint Francis sitting at your table 
              C/G      G          D 
A cup of tea among the faithful 
Behind a wall that's made of little lies 
        G                  D              G    D 
Much to your surprise, you start to cry 

And by these wounds you will be whole again 
         G              D 
By these signs you will know 
                               C            Em 
You'll feel a stirring in your soul again 
                           F         G 
'Til sweet amnesia takes a hold 

                       C/G    G 
Saint Francis sleeping in the meadow 
              C/G     G        D 
His halo is a raven's shadow 
He's been sleeping for eight hundred years 
     G                      D       
In a potter's field full of sparrow's tears 
And while we sleep and dream of heaven's gates 
     G                 D               G  
Down here on earth the old man waits 

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