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Blessing In Disguise

	  CAPO: 5

Intro: G 

Are you lonely, are you crying 

Are those teardrops in your eyes 
      Em               C 
Is it more blues, is it bad news 
        G           D             G 
Is it a curse, or a blessing in disguise 

Did you leave her, do you love her 

Have you said your last goodbyes 
      Em           C 
Is it over, are you sorry 
            G    D              G 
Or could it be a blessing in disguise 

It's the scars that make you stronger 

It's the hard times make you wise 
         Em               C 
It's the sweet things only time brings 
       G           D             G 
That arrive like a blessing in disguise 

Am                 D 
Clouds roll by and bring the rain 
Am                   D            G 
Tears will dry, ease the pain, ohhhh 


       Em            C 
Let me be your silver lining 
        G              D             Em       C 
Shining through like a blessing in disguise 
        G              D             G 
Shining through like a blessing in disguise 

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