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Say It To Me Now

Intro: E E2 E7 E4 

                     E       Emaj7                        E7          E4 
Scratching at the surface now,     and I'm trying hard to work it out  
                    E        Emaj7                        E7          E4 
So much has gone misunderstood,    and this mystery only leads to doubt 

                    F#m  G#m                                   A 
And I didn't understand 
                                 B   C#m 
When you reached out to take my hand                                                   
                             F#m                     B 
And if you have something to say, You better say it now 

E                            C#m          (E) 
     Cuz this is what you've waited for 
                    A             E 
Your chance to even up the score 
                      B      C#m                A 
And as these shadows fall on me now, I will somehow (Yeayeah) 

E                          C#m            (E) 
     Cuz I'm picking up a message Lord 
                               A           E 
And I'm closer than I've ever been before 

So if you have something to say 
              A  B 
Say it to me now 
              A  B 
Say it to me now 
              A  E 
Say it to me now 

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