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Let It Be Me Acordes

Glen Campbell



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Let It Be Me

	  F              C        Dm 
I bless the day I found you 
           Am          Bb 
I want to stay around you 
         F    Bb 
And so I beg you 
Let it be me 

F                C          Dm 
Don't take this heaven from one 
             Am             Bb 
If you must cling to someone 
              F   Bb 
Now and forever 
          F     A 
Let it be me 

D            C#m       
Each time we meet, love 
D                A    Bb 
I find complete love 
              F               Bb 
Without your sweet, sweet love 
                A    C# 
What would life be? 
F#        C#             D#m 
So never leave me lonely 
Tell me you'll love me only.....yyyy 
                   F#   B 
And that you'll always 
          F#   B 
Let it be me 
             F#  B 
Now and forever 
          D      Bm    F# 
Let it be me … eee … eee 


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