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No Borders

(Josh Bronleewe/Benji Cowart/Ginny Owens)

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Capo en el 4º traste


G/B  C  Em  Dsus4 - D   x 2 

verse 1: 

G/B      C 
I hide behind  
      Em          Dsus4 - D 
The comfort of my castle 
G/B       C                 Em  Dsus4 - D 
Where everything is up to me 
G/B          C 
These walls are high 
    Em            Dsus4     D 
But not enough to drown out 
      G/B             C 
The whispers and the wand’ring 
    Em            Dsus4 - D 
Of what I haven’t seen 
    G/B              C 
You call me to the great unknown 
   Dsus4                 D 
Of  all  You have for me 

C G No borders, no bound’ries Em Dsus4 - D Could ever be enough C G To hold back the wonder Em Dsus4 - D Of Your over-whelming flood C G In the beauty of Your mys’try Em Dsus4 - D Freely now I run C G With no borders, no bound’ries Em Dsus4 D Lord I’m sur-rendered to Your C G Em Dsus4 D Lo - ve sur - rendered to Your C G Em Dsus4 - D Lo - ve
verse 2: G/B C It’s time that I Em Dsus4 - D Abandon the familiar G/B C Em Dsus4 - D To chase what I don’t understand G/B C You’re teach-ing me Em Dsus4 D That when I trust Your promise G/B C Dsus4 - D I fin’lly find the promised land Repeat Chorus Bridge: C G So when the night sur-rounds me Em Dsus4 D And I can’t hear Your heart-beat C G Dsus4 - D I will hold to what I know C G That even in the trial Em Dsus4 - D Lord You are always faithful C G Dsus4 - D You will lead me back to hope Tag: C G Em Dsus4 - D No borders, no bound’ries C G Em Dsus4 - D Could hold back the wonder Repeat Chorus Coda: C G Em Surrendered to Your love Dsus4 D C G Em Surrendered to Your love Dsus4 D C Surrendered to Your love

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